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From the outdoor unit to the wall, CASTEL Airco covers it fast and all!Why use a duct

Cover your line sets

In most of the unprofessional installations, line sets that are connected to the outdoor unit run alongside the wall before penetrating the buildings. That part is particularly exposed to degradation because of climatic conditions or other intruders, such as insects or birds. 

UV rays have a quick and dramatic deteriorating effect on the insulation that cover the line sets. Without proper protection the insulation starts to crack and virtually turns into powder. Meanwhile, the weakened material feeds birds, insects or other parasites. 

Drain hoses generally run alongside the line sets and are exposed to the same damage. 


Think green, save energy!

Insulation material will start to deteriorate quickly if it is not covered by a duct. The line sets will be exposed and their thermo-conductive feature will lead to a loss of cooling or heating capacity of the refrigerant. The installation will start over-functioning and consume much more energy than necessary. 

Extend the lifespan of your Airco-installation

When an outdoor unit starts to over-function because of a loss of the refrigerant capacity, its core components wear down faster. You will incur increased costs for maintenance or spare parts, or you might even have to change the complete unit within an unusual short amount of time

Paintable ductPaintable duct

Every installation should match the style of your building

  • Stylish
Available by default in white colours.

Our duct has a flat bottom which makes it easy to install leveled and in corners.

Most existing ducts with rouned bottom parts, allow dust, dirt or insects to nest. In the end you have dark lines of dirt or dust alongside your installation which gives a filthy impression. All our ducts have a flat bottom to ensure a clean installation.

  • Paintable

If you would like to make the duct match the colour of your wall so that it seems invisible, this is your best option.

You can colour the duct with the appropriate acrylic paint and apply it according to the instructions of the paint manufacturers for painting on PVC surfaces