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SpeediDuct™NEW - SpeediDuct™ Starter Kit

SpeediDuct™ Starter KitSpeediDuct™ Starter Kit


Our SpeediDuct™ just got even better. With the SpeediDuct™ we offer all the duct parts you need for a basic outdoor split installation in one easy to carry box. 

The Kit is available in SpeediDuct™ 70 and 105 and contains following items:

  • 3 pieces of SpeediDuct™ (L=1220 mm or 3ft)
  • 1 Wallcover
  • 2 Connection Pieces
  • 1 Adjustable Flat Bend
  • 1 Duct End
  • 10 Fixation Clips and cable ties.